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CONTACT US - 01923 891 616

FT Jerte Tumbler 50cl/17.6oz

SKU 280524

FT Jerte Tumbler 50cl/17.6oz

114 x 82mm (H x Dia)


Capacity: 50cl
Pack Size: 12
Weight (kg/ea): 0.24
Material: Fully Tempered Glass
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Fully Tempered: Yes

Rim To Foot Tempered - Fully Tempered Glasses Are Resistant To Mechanical Shocks, Extending The Life Of The Product By Five Times, Compared With Non Tempered Glass Ranges.
Beaded Rim - Ensures Strength On Vulnerable Edges, Minimising Chipping and Lengthens Lifespan
Heat Resistant - Thermal Shock Tested And Resistant To 135C And Can Withstand Changes In Temperature From Hot To Cold.
Safety - Should A Glass Break Due To An Excessive Blow, A Tempered Glass Will Break Into Small Pieces, Making It Safer To Use Within The Hospitality Industry Than A Non Tempered Glass.
Dishwasher Safe - Strong And Durable, Shock Tested And Capable Of Industrial Dishwasher Cycles, While Maintaining Clarity.