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Please Note Our NEW Phone Number - 01923 891 616
Please Note Our NEW Phone Number - 01923 891 616

Frucosol SH3000 Cutlery Polisher

SKU SH3000

The Frucosol SH-3000 is perfect for restaurants and hotels that are serving up to 150 covers per seating and are looking to save both time and money. The SH-3000 can dry and enhance the shine of 3000 pieces of cutlery per hour.

Easy to use by just placing the washed, wet cutlery in the top and as the cutlery goes through, the vegetable granulates and ultraviolet light ensure that the cutlery comes out dry, clean and without any marks, meaning that it is ready to be put straight back on the table.

The SH-3000 has a fan motor at the end of the circuit, making it much quieter that rival machines. The fan motor provides the SH-3000 with hot air, so the wet cutlery will be completely dry and this also removes the humidity from the SH-3000 as well. The UV lamp inside the SH-3000 helps to sterilise the cutlery and the granulate during the process.

The SH-3000 is manufactured in polished stainless steel and is easy to clean, and can also be mounted on a bar without using the trolley.


Weight (Kg) 48.0000
Depth (mm) 550
Height (mm) 400
Width (mm) 570
Power 13 Amp (Plug)
Amps 13
Power Consumption (Kw) 0.75
Standard Warranty 1 Year Parts