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Please Note Our NEW Phone Number - 01923 891 616
Please Note Our NEW Phone Number - 01923 891 616

Frucosol F-50AC Automatic Juicer


The Frucosol F-50AC Automatic Juicer is very popular as it offers fresh orange juice quickly and is an ideal bar counter machine that does not take up a massive amount of space but can produce a litre of fresh orange juice every 60 seconds and can be used as a self-serve juicer. The F-50AC has an automatic feeding container which can hold up to 50 oranges. The base of the container rotates when in use so will feed all the oranges automatically until it needs refilling.

It is equipped with a digital display where you can program the number of oranges you need to serve. 

The F50AC’s polished stainless steel body is easy to clean and its plastic glass window shows its functionality while the orange juice is being produced.
The ideal juicer for you to offer fresh orange juice to your customers. Its squeezing process with controlled pressure makes the F-50AC Automatic Juicer the ideal product for producing fresh orange juice without leaving the bitter taste of the peel.
The F-50AC has 2 attractive orange holders to collect the waste.
It is recommended for: restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, juice bars, hotels, fast-food, bars, bakeries, etc… any business that makes more than 30 juices every day.

*Production 20-25 units/minute
*Fruit diameter Up to 80mm
*Consumption 250 W
*Voltage 230-110 V 50-60 Hz


Weight (Kg) 44.0000
Depth (mm) 620
Height (mm) 785
Width (mm) 470
Power 13 Amp (Plug)
Standard Warranty 1 Year Parts