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What Is A Nucleated Glass ? - & How To Keep The Head On Your Beer! - Smashing Supplies

What Is A Nucleated Glass ? - & How To Keep The Head On Your Beer!

Glassware that has a nucleation point is where the glass (commonly a beer glass, although also great for other carbonised drinks e.g. Fizzy drinks included!) has an etching on the inside bottom of the glass.  This is referred to as nucleated, and the purpose of this is to increase the flow of bubbles to the surface of the drink, which on beer ensures that the head is maintained.  It works by the nucleation point facilitating the release of the beer's carbonation, which then in turn creates the steady stream of bubbles. 

Search for Nucleated Glasses on our site.  These are stocked and ready to go!  However if you are wanting something extra special why not consider your own logo or message etched as the nucleator on the bottom of your glassware?...reach out to us today with your (Minimum Order Quantities will apply)

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